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در این پست گزارش برنامه قله بند عیش به سرپرستی شاهین مقیمی (اجرا شده در جمعه ۱۹/۱۱/۸۶) البته با کامل کردن اسامی افراد شرکت کننده آورده شده است.

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 Although I¢m not good in English, I write this report in English due to the fact that I do not have access to Farsi font keyboard. 

Plan: Bande Eysh peak


Team Members: Ali Zare' zade- Shekoofeh Nekooyi- Sina Ebrahimi- Arash Nateghi-

- Shahin Mghimi

Team Members ADDED LATER : Hesam Nurian - Sina Sedaghat Nejad - Hamed Mohammadi - Ehsan Asgari - Hamed Najafi



The plan was set to start at 6:30, Friday, Sadeghiyye Sq.. We left there at 7:15 since one of the members arrived late. We were 5. We went to Hesarak village by taxi (400 Tomans for each). As we arrived, Hesam Nouriyan called me saying that their climbing plan was cancelled due to insufficient attendees. We arranged that they join us, so they came to us by Uni. minibus. Being late enough, we decided to start climbing and wait for them to join us as we would be settled for breakfast. The land was covered with snow (10 cm), but the snow was suppressed by previous climbers.

After passing through the village, we took the conventional way and kept moving. About 10:15 we reached a cottage in a berry garden and decided to stop for breakfast. Some fellows hadn¢t brought proper food for breakfast (mostly fruits and biscuits) which made me angry. About 10:50, Najafi team joined us. At 11:05 we left the cottage. Since there, we had to walk through heavy fresh snow which was not passed formerly. We took the right mane to reach the ridge. After 25 minutes, one of the fellows slowed his movement. Soon after I sent him back to the cottage because the team pace had became slow regarding him. Around 12:15, as we were climbing, suddenly we heared someone asking for help. After shouting back to him for couple of times, he just muted. I supposed it may be a trick or something like that, so we continued our way towards the tip. The weather was ideal; sunny, warm and no clouds in the sky. About 12:30 I got to know that with current team pace we cannot make it to the top, so I decided to form a frontier team. After investigations, it was decided that me and Hesam go for the main peak and others took a minor top to climb with Zare zade as leader, all moving up till 13:45 and then come back the same way.

Me and Hesam aparted from the team heading to the top. We chose to move on top of the ridge since the snow was firm there. At first snow was firm and rigid, but as we reached closer and closer to the top, it became more loose and advancing was hard and slow. Finally we reached the top exactly at 13:45 (we did not see any Wolves, as we were told we may do!!!). After a short stop, took the same way down. About 15:45 we reached the cottage and the team was once again united. We reached the village about 18:15, and had to go home by ourselves since Hesam had called off the minibus. I got home about 21.


Written by: ShAhin Moghimi

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